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About me

Art more than a passion

My work focuses on three areas:


And can be extended to various fields:
In the entertainment industry, I create scenic content (what is going to happen on stage), I also design sets and costumes, as well as the scenography of museum exhibitions. Additionally, I do this in companies with the creation of customised spaces, digital design, semiotic studies (study of visual and textual meanings) and product communication. For me, the work is always the same: it is about understanding the needs of my clients and providing them with adapted solutions, both artistically and technically.

My strength lies in this dual artistic and organisational ability. An ocean often separates these two characteristics, which must coexist in any project. I am able to find the right ideas and I know how to execute them within the budget. It is therefore also easy for me to serve other creators and translate their visions, as well as to foresee areas of tension and find solutions.

I have always worked on improving my skills. After my studies (2 years of Imagery Art and 5 years of Textile Design) and my first job in dyeing and screen printing R&D at Franco Dragone, I trained myself to fully realise a garment using software tools: computer graphics, page layout, file production, old techniques in painting, embroidery, corsetry, etc. For example, training in matte painting for the creation of hyper-realistic costume models with Photoshop.

Over the years, I have developed a range of creative and organisational tools to best support my projects.

These tools always allow me to respond to my clients in an innovative way by finding original creative solutions while staying within budget and respecting deadlines.

As an artist, I work on both the creative process and the final piece, as a way of being connected to a way of doing.

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